Bed Wetting

Lack of bladder control can cause a child embarrassment and shame, and even interfere with normal social development. It can be stressful for everyone involved.

The causes of bed-wetting are not fully understood, but there are some children with underdeveloped bladders (relative to their age) who have difficulty noticing a full bladder. This is more common in children less than four years old.

Sleeping Child - Bed Wetting

Clinical research studies demonstrate that chiropractic care can remove irritation affecting the nerves that control bladder function.

Some Causes of Bed Wetting

When a child who has stayed dry at night for some time (weeks or months) starts bed-wetting again, something may be wrong, other than an underdeveloped bladder (since it is clear that the child has become able to recognize the signals from his bladder).

Some form of stress is may have entered the child’s life: a new baby, a new neighborhood, or a divorce. Bed wetting may also be a sign of some form of abuse or of disease.

What Can Chiropractic Do

Chiropractic can help by removing any irritation affecting the nerves to the bladder. These nerves exit the sacrum, an area of the lower spine. In adults, the sacrum is very resistant to injury, because it is just one large fused bone.

The sacrum of a child, however, has not fused yet. It is separated into five individual segments, which, if misaligned due to a fall or other type of trauma, can irritate the nerves responsible for bladder function.

Countless children with bed wetting problems have been helped with chiropractic adjustments. In fact, a number of clinical research studies have confirmed these results.

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